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Sunday, 2 October 2011 by

The Merseyside Derby last night was a cracker! Obviously because the red half of Liverpool had a good win. It feels slightly empty as I would prefer to see them do it against a full strength, 11-man Everton. But...really, who cares. A win is a win. We played patient football and in the end were rewarded with a solid 2-0 score line from Carroll & Suarez. Just on Carroll, there was a lot of talk at half time about him being AWOL...Hopefully that goal shut everyone up. It's not about the moments where you're not in the fray, its about the moments that you are, and what you do with the opportunities presented. It was a hard 1st 45 for Andy as he was just getting lame long balls consistently played to him where he had to contest the 50/50 header over and over.  Once Stevie G and Bellamy were introduced, the game became more focused on playing the ball on the deck and Bellamy's penetration down the flanks meant that Carroll was freed to capitalise on their hard work! The lesson there is that proper Joga Bonito football always wins at the end of the day! As for Rodwell's sending off? I'm a bit of a filthy player when I come on to the pitch, so I guess that's why I think that it was a great challenge that wasn't even deserved of a free kick. But, even if it was, I can't see a yellow in it, let alone the huge jump up to the red! A bad mistake from a poorly positioned, top ref.

Along with the great result, there were a few very interesting stats that came out of the game:

•  After Rodwell's dismissal in the 23rd minute, Liverpool wore down Everton. In the 48 minutes between the red card and Suarez's goal in the 82nd minute, Everton had five stretches where it failed to complete a pass in the attacking third for at least five minutes.

• Defender Leighton Baines was the only Everton player to make any real forward progress against Liverpool. Baines completed 21 passes into the attacking third. No other Everton player had more than nine.
• Dirk Kuyt missed a penalty kick for Liverpool in the 44th minute. Liverpool has missed both of its penalty kicks this season. Suárez missed the other penalty in Liverpool's opening weekend draw against Sunderland. Kuyt goes bottom right in the majority of his penalty kicks.
• Referee Martin Atkinson handed out his fourth red card in seven EPL matches this season, which leads all referees. Atkinson also led the EPL in red cards last season with 11.

Overall it was a great game and a typically passionate derby. For full highlights, see here.

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