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Don't Be Everyone's Pudgy, Red Headed Mate


Saturday, 13 August 2011 by

Hahn, Powers, Tooheys, XXXX, VB, Cascade, Carlton...The list of Australian commercial beer, although seemingly endless, is at its core, the same product with an array of different names and pictures on its packaging. Sure, we can all identify their brand messages on TV or passing by their billboards, and yes, they are funny. But then you taste what's inside the bottle and if done without that label as identification, the average punter would be hard stretched to identify which thin, yellow liquid belonged to which funny advertisement. That's the cue for consumers to stop laughing....
You're not paying for the development of better tasting beer, unusual and exotic ingredients or hand crafted excellence. No, you're paying for the ad that has 3 blokes and their pudgy, red headed mate standing around on a fictional island in TV land. 

There are two types of people in our beer community: Craft beer drinkers & brewers (obviously there is some overlap). If you are a brewer then generally you do it for one of two reasons: you want better tasting beer or you want to save money. Either way you have stood up and said no to the mainstream breweries either based on the taste of their beer, or having to pay for something you can easily produce yourself and for a fraction of the price.

The real challenge for the converted is to get others onto the already growing "craft beer" band wagon. We as brewers and craft beer drinkers need to become brand champions of the craft beer movement and shout its praises in every direction. Have a group of mates over and tell them about your brewing and let them taste what you have achieved. Buy some great craft beer, explain to your friends that quality over quantity is what is important and that  drinking a great craft beer is just as much of a palate experience as drinking fine wine. Tell them what they are tasting to help them appreciate the complexities of real beer and the downfall of the watery liquid the mainstream breweries serve.  With the sales of their beer on the decline and a craft revolution brewing, it's now or never. They might have that pudgy, red headed fella, but we have an army of awesome people, ready to tell a beer brewing story. Now is the time to act, plain and simple.

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